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365 Girl First Annual Dress Drive a HUGE Success!

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on February 13, 2013 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The 365 Girl Foundation, held their first clothing Give-a-way Saturday January 26, at the Dr. Felker Family Life Center, 2978 South Wabash Avenue. Young Women from the community were invited to come out and pick clothing for all occasions. All free, courtesy of members and friends of the Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church and the 365 Girl  Foundation.


Great great time of fellowship, and dressing up was had by all of the ladies in attendance.


Well Done Tia Hawkins, as well as all of those who made the day happen with clothing, refreshments, service, and attendance. Keep up the great work!

Via Mt Carmel website

Tia Hawkins we salute you! This was ROCKstar!

365 Girl gears up for Monday nights at LPCC...Road to the Pink Crown!

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on February 13, 2013 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

OMG! We are getting ready fpr an awesome time with amazing girls of LPCC in Chatsworth California!


We have a line up that is sure to be jammed pack with fun, learning, adn good girl swag!


Here's The line Up:


Week 1 (2/18): The Look: Fashionista at every age and budget- Onniakah Randolph (Wife of award winning writer and producer Kevin Randolph)




Week 2 (2/25): The Face: Makeup in moderation when the time is right- Francine Martin (Celebrity make up artist)



Week 3 (3/4): The Wallet: Basic finance class- goal to get each girl to open a $25 savings account Jaime Lewis ( Investment Banker)



Week 4(3/11): The Wait: Pinky Promise Purity Rocks-reference book Pinky Promise



Week 5: (3/1)8) The Pain: Channeling your pain through poetry Emerald Nixon (Poet)



Week 6 (3/25): The Career: STEM Rocks! Dr Chawn Lewis (Pediatrician)



 Week 7 (4/1): The Relationship : Christ...Parents...Boys (Tracey Sydnor, 365 Girl Founder)



Week 8 4/8 Pink Crowning ceremony every girl who completes the session will get crowned. We will also have 4 amazing women who rock to help us celebrate and...a surprise celebrity guest:)



We can't wait! Follow us on Social cam, Twitter, and You Tube to follow the journey of these amazing young ladies as they go after the exclusive PINK crown!



365 Girl Salutes Elle Varner

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on February 13, 2013 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

You can’t talk about a 365 Girls that rock, without mentioning 23 year old Elle Varner. You might recognize this name from hit songs such as the soulful ballad “Refill” or the upbeat party jam “Only Wanna Give It to You” featuring hip hop’s own up and coming artist, J. Cole. Recently I came across a song by Ms. Varner that caught my attention and I instantly fell in love with it. “So fly” is a song on Elle’s debut album Perfectly Imperfect. It is a song that attacks all of the silly things that most girls obsess over when it comes to the imperfections of their physical appearance. The song starts off by talking about what its like to have small breast and a overweight thighs with lines like “I can’t help being depressed/when I look down at my chest/ oh yes my chest it might as well be non-existent” and “I’m rolling my eyes /when I look down at my thighs/ they might as well tape everything that I eat to my legs”.

It also goes on to address issues of having money, being the perfect size and other things that our society considers to be “fly”. Towards the end of the song, and my absolute favorite part, Elle goes on to say that even though she doesn’t have all of these things she is “the definition of fly” because she as a beautiful soul and she “know(s) what money can’t buy”. In my opinion, this is a very empowering song! It deals with so many self-esteem issues that not only girls, but women as well, deal with on a regular basis. Every woman at any age can identify with some point made in this song, even my almost 60 year old mother, who has recently downloaded this song to her iTunes account and listens to it more than I do.

Elle Varner is not only a musical genius who has been surrounded by music her entire life but she is also a very accomplished young lady, who has been practicing her craft since she was a just a little girl. Her story includes attending Amazing Grace Conservatory in Los Angeles (which was co-founded actress Wendy Raquel Robinson) at 11 years old. She wrote her first song at age 15 and later went to earn a spot at New York University’s Clive Davis Program of Recorded Music, a program that only accepts 24 students out of thousands of applicants each year. Elle was also apart of BET’s Music Matters program which focuses on introducing talented more underground/ out of the spotlight artist to a mainstream music career, giving them their big shot! I think that Elle’s story is truly remarkable and should serve as an example to 365 girls everywhere. The fact that she has been able to do all of this at such a young age just proves that it is possible to achieve your goals and your dreams, all you have to do is be persistent, follow your heart and the sky is the limit! 365 Girl salutes you Elle Varner!

Week Four- After School Program Chicago May 2012!

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on June 30, 2012 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Week four was awesome!

We had a super session with poet Ms. Shannon Martin. After our homework time, we jumped right in to working with our guest! “Ms. Shannon” introduced herself and explained a great form of expression…POETRY! She talked about how influential writing and poetry had been in her life. She expressed how writing got her through some pain and across the bridge to forgiveness. She shared two poems “A Child’s Tragedy” and “Nature’s Tragedy.” The girls loved meeting Ms. Shannon and most of all loved her poems. After reviewing some of Ms. Shannon’s work, the girls were given the task of writing some poetry of their own. Most importantly, we asked the girls to share a experience that hurt or caused them pain and then to share something that they were able to overcome. Check out the next posting that shares some of the girls experiences.

Before the girls started writing their poems, we shared the post-it notes with the experiences that caused pain for the girls as well as the experiences they were able to overcome. After getting some great tips and feedback from Ms. Shannon, the girls began writing and shared their poetry with the group. It was a great opportunity for the girls to share in our “no judgement zone” and learn a little more about each other. They certainly loved every second with Ms. Shannon and are looking forward to sharing with her again! 

(Below: Ms. Shannon introducing herself!)



Week Three- After School Program Chicago May 2012!

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on June 30, 2012 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Week Three: May 9th "Physical Awareness" w/ CEO Tracey Sydnor

Week three was awesome! We had a very special guest, the Founder/CEO of the 365 Girl Foundation Tracey Sydnor paid our girls a visit! The girls were extremely excited to see her and get to know her. In the beginning of our session “Mrs. Tracey” helped girls during our 30 minutes of homework session. She was elbow deep in 7th grade math problems, history questions on the “Freedom Riders” reading and even observed students reading their “Hunger Games” books. She went on to introduce the “Snap Bag” activity to girls (see  ”Snap Bag Responses” post.) The directions were to write down one nice thing about one of their classmates in the room. After collecting all of the responses, Mrs. Tracey shared some of the responses. They enjoyed hearing NICE things about each other. This lead to our “physical awareness” conversation and activity. 

The girls were divided into small groups to read through the “Physical Awareness” section in the “365 Girl” book. They were to review the affirmations in that section and as a group create “My Affirmations For Me.” This activity went over so well with the girls…they created 5 affirmations each! By the end of the session the girls were sharing their affirmations with each other! Check out our next few posts that will share some of the responses from each of the girls during Week 3!


Week Two! After School Program May 2012

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on June 30, 2012 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

WEEK TWO: May 2nd

” Conflict Resolution Part II”

Week Two was all about CONFLICT RESOLUTION! After week one there were a few unresolved issues that some of the girls wanted to address. Instead of brushing those issues under the rug…the girls decided to “get it all out!”




What did the Girls learn? Week One Exit Interview...HR term:)

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on June 30, 2012 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Exit Question Response: Week One April 25, 2012

Get to know our girls and see their growth through the program from their exit question responses! 

Exit Question: What is one “take away” you got out of our session today??

“Learning about each other” - Anyra 

“To not be disrespectful to other people if you don’t want it to be done back. Also to never talk about anyone else just leave it alone.” - Season 

“One thing I got out of the session was to not judge any one because you don’t know their story.” - Rakael

“I got to learn how other people agree with what I have gone through so now I know how to act towards others.” 

“That when you talk about people and you’re just joking the other people probably don’t feel that way and their feelings probably get hurt.” -La-Showana

“The one thing I learned today was not to have a attitude have a heart” - Kayla

“I learned that it doesn’t matter where you come from, people are still going to mess with you.” - Joi

“I learned to respect others point of view.”

“To be honest I learned that if I speak out about what I went through others may understand. xoxo” - Brenda

“Not to be a bully and not to be mad at each other.” 

“I learned that you gotta’ help people-nice. And if people talk about me-ignore.” -Janine

“Don’t say what you don’t want to be said to you.” - Miracle

“How to own up to what you’re doing.” -Shakira

“One thing I got out of today was there’s a way you can say things without catching attitudes and rolling your eyes and doing the most.” -Jacara

“One thing I learned is that people get talked about a lot.” -Autumn 

“One thing I learned today was don’t make fun of people how they look.” -Aviance

“Today I learned where everyone was coming from and how people felt that they had to come off hard because of where they come from.” -Donesha

“I learned that most of the time when people talk about somebody its the way that they are treated.” -Marshaunna


Week One-365 Girl After School Program!

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on June 30, 2012 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Week One: April 25th "The Welcome Party"

Our first session was amazing! We had such an incredible time getting to know each other on our first day together. With 31 young ladies signed up for the program, having a room full of 24 girls was a great start! Our “Ice Breaker” had us rockin’ and rollin’ faster than we thought. The girls wrote down 3 things, 2 things everyone knew and 1 thing no one knew. Since the girls were so familiar with each other we thought it would be fun to GUESS who’s who! As we began to list off the “facts” we uncovered some interesting topics that led to our “Real Talk” conversation. 

Above all, the best segment was allowing the girls to get to know themselves! A few young ladies wrote on their post-it notes, “I have a bad attitude!” After seeing that more than three times, we began to discuss WHY they felt that way. We discovered that often times the reason why people display bad attitudes is because they’re hiding something! What are they hiding? Their insecurities…their feelings. We broke a barrier! 

We had a very direct example of how hurt feelings can cause even friends to have miscommunications. Check out our youtube clip in our next posting to hear directly from two of our girls who had a conflict resolution session during the program! 

Day one blew us away! By 4pm the girls where whining about our session being over too soon! : ) We can’t wait to get our second session going! Our focus next week will be on “Physical Awareness” from the 365 Girl Book. Stay with us as we journey through 6 weeks of getting to know ourselves, learning about the best ways to conduct ourselves as young ladies and the fun stuff that makes us Girls who ROCK!

One more thing…at the end of each of our sessions we complete “Exit Questions” that reflect something we’ve learned from our session. Check out our “Session One: Exit Questions” in our next posting!! 

This is just the beginning…

“It is so much easier to be nice instead of being mean. I am going to take the easy road every time!” - 365 Girl Affirmation (From the 365 Girl Book page 11)                          



Check Out our Tumblr page for pics and videos! www.our365girls.tumblr.com            



365 Girl's History Making After School Program! New Tumblr Page!

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on June 30, 2012 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to our 365 Girl World We are so excited about the many wonderful things going on in our 365 Girl Foundation! Our Tumblr is just another way for you to take a peek at our world:) For the next 6-8 weeks we are running an after school program at National Teachers’s Academy (NTA) in Chicago, IL! We have over 30 girls in our program! Follow that journey and meet our girls here:) Welcome to our World…Good Girl Swagg Comeback team:) Let’s Go!


Join the 365 Girl 21 Day Fitness Challenge today! 3/30-4-20

Posted by Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor on March 31, 2012 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

365girl Fitness Challenge​


Ladies the time has come! The first quarter is coming to a close quickly! Let us engage in the first 365girl fitness challenge for the year before it is too late! 21 days! We chose 21 days because studies show that it only takes 21 consecutive days of doing something to make it a habit! So here are the rules!


1) 4 glasses of water a day

2) Take the stairs when it is less than 3 flights of stairs

3) Walk or Run at least one mile everyday 

How will we track our progress?

Log onto www.365girlsrock.com and join the site! Then you’ll be able to update your post, videos, and photos to track your progress and share your stories with all of the other 365 girls! You can also post pics on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Hit us up @365girlworld click that follow button and post away!


Is there reward?

Of course there is! Your hard work and dedication will hopefully be enough to keep you moving for a lifetime! (Just kidding) 10 of our fabulous participants will receive prizes that we already have ready to go! We are just waiting to give them to you!


Let’s get moving ladies. The challenge awaits us! =)

Let's Move like our favoite " Ultimate 365 Girl"  First Lady Michelle Obama



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