365 Girl Foundation 

365 Girl Foundation  

"Empowering girls 365 days a year"

My Inspirtaions

I have a three year old daughter who has truly been a gift from God. I want her to grow to accomplish and do things that I couldn't even imagine. I want the state of our young ladies mindset to be different by the time my Angel grows up to be a pre-teen. 

 Several women from my church and family poured wisdom in my life as young lady. I am now appreciative of them taking the time to show me that they cared about me and the decisions I was making with my life. I want to offer that same advice and be there for the young ladies growing up today.

My belief is that their is entirely too much acceptance of low standards, low self esteem and lack of motivation in our young ladies today. Since I began on this journey, I have met some amazing women who have the the same beliefs and have partnered with me to work until we see change.

With God's grace and prayers of parents, teachers. counselors, youth workers and  pastors, aunt and God-mothers and a lot of hard work from people who care. We will see change! 


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